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Smithfield stands a cut above the competition with our portfolio of meaty, tender and delicious spareribs.

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Rack Up the Flavor…with Smithfield Foodservice

At Smithfield, we deliver the highest-quality, most consistently flavorful spareribs. We hand-pull and hand-trim every sparerib to strict specifications, and then we hand-pack full rib slabs in individual sleeves or shatter-packed cases for better portion-cost control and easier separation. Plus, master cartons are poly-lined to minimize freezer burn and help preserve freshness.

The popularity of spareribs on the menu has never been greater. Visit the Smithfield Recipe Center to find a few of our favorite recipes!

Smithfield Sparerib Offerings:

NY Style Rib

• Product of medium sparerib – 5 lb. or greater   
• Trimmed from inside edge of hard bone brisket to outside edge of tail/flank end—hanging fat and tissue removed
• Features 19% brisket as well as diaphragm/skirt meat
• Target 74.9% yield

BBQ/Carolina Style Rib

• Product of medium sparerib – 5 lb. or greater
• Hard bone brisket and hanging fat/tissue is removed
• No additional trimming of finished rib
• Target 86.2% yield

Our BBQ/Carolina Style Rib (Product Code 70800716380) received the Seal of Approval from the Kansas City Barbecue Society, the largest sanctioned barbecue organization in the world! To learn more, find it on our product list or contact a Smithfield Sales Representative. This product is carried at select Restaurant Depot locations. 

Colorado Style Rib

• Product of light sparerib – under 5 lb.
• Hard bone brisket and skirt/diaphragm meat removed
• Tail/flank end hand-trimmed for consistent shape
• Target 78.8% yield

St. Louis Style Rib

• Product of light sparerib – under 5 lb. 
• Full cut brisket and shoulder/false lean meat removed
• Finished cut is classic rectangular-shaped rib
• Target 53.2% yield

Click here for a full list of Value-Added Sparerib products.

For more information about our line of Value-Added Sparerib products, contact a Smithfield Sales Representative today!

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